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In Indonesia, 39,000 underdeveloped in coastal area. The main problems faced by the fisherman are treatment to keep the quality the fresh fish, alternative for preservative and the price of the excess fish. There are fisherman group sell their fish USD$ 0.1 per Kg for 400 Kg to reduce the loss because there is limited access to get ice cubes (no electricity for a week). They only get USD$ 40 from selling the 400 kg fish. Indeed, the cost for fishing for one trip around USD$130. The same problem happen in all over Indonesia include Selayar Island. This island located in South Sulawesi, 7 hours by car from Makassar city. Selayar’s population 120,000 people on 73 islands. In main island with 57,000 people and most of the area fisherman and farmers with average income USD$ 50 per month. The other problem in coastal area is women in poverty. Based on Indonesian Statistical Department in 2014, there are 22 million of living in poverty (USD$1 per day or less). Most of them are housewives; unemployed and illiterate.

Our initiative to reduce the excess fresh fish that mainly for selling and less facility for storage, we educate the community how to process the excess fish into Abon Sehat (healthy shredded fish) product, it not only produces an Indonesian national snack, but is a campaign for healthier lifestyles, because the shredded fish does not contain MSG. Our social business engaged local women (fisherman’s wives) as main actor, facilitate in women group management, capacity building and assistance; economical production, hygiene aspect (no preservative and no MSG) project management, financial literacy, packaging, marketing strategy, licensing for food production from health department. Furthermore; our social business bring impact; reduce the number of excess of fish otherwise wasted or lowest price, provide income for women group from less USD$ 1 per day to USD$ 3 or more. Moreover, improving local women’s knowledge (by 2020, at least 2,000 women who know diversification fish product or preservative alternative) and skills (by 2020, at least 2,000 women can process hygiene product, good packaging, manage family financial plan, basic marketing). Furthermore, as our commitment to support Indonesian government for to reduce malnutrition (In Indonesia, 1 out of 3 children in age 5 years old or less in malnutrition – UNICEF), we provide better nutrition for local community, in future will trained fisherman on safe fishing and conservation (sustainable fishery).

Kampusiana TV Program – Inews TV Makassar (MNC Media Group)

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