#JalanSehatMKH2018 – Jalan sehat apa jajan sehat?? =D

Berikut Video yang bertajuk #JalanSehatMKH2018 – Jalan sehat apa jajan sehat?? =D.

I am a nursing teacher in the one of Vocational High School in Jakarta. I made this channel because of my students (but not all of them, just a few of them) told me to.
They want to know about my daily life. So, I dedicated this channel and the rest of the video for them who want me to share a little about me and my life. Thank you for always support me. XO

Konten ini tayang di Youtube

Saya berharap Video yang berjudul #JalanSehatMKH2018 – Jalan sehat apa jajan sehat?? =D ini membawa kebaikan untuk semuanya.

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